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NURSING, Midwife, and Technologist COMPETITION 2023


In order to improve the professional qualifications of officials and staff, thereby contributing to better patient care, recently, Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital belongs to Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company (Thai Nguyen International Hospital). TNH) organized the “Excellent Nurses, Midwives and Technicians Contest 2023”. The contest attracted the participation of 94 nurses, midwives and technicians throughout the hospital.

         The contest was launched in February 2023, nurses, midwives and technicians at the hospital have been very determined, actively reviewing over the past 2 months to achieve the best results. At the contest, nurses, midwives and technicians conducted a theory test, including 2 sets of questions, each set of 40 questions divided into 2 contents: multiple choice questions and essay questions; The test time is 20 minutes. As a result, there were 58 nurses, midwives, technicians who achieved excellent (62%), 28 good (30%) and 8 average (8%).

Nurses, midwives, technicians taking exams

         “The contest for good nurses, midwives and technicians 2023” is an opportunity for each medical staff of Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital to improve their own qualifications, expertise and professional skills to become a nurse. midwives, good technicians. In addition to studying, cultivating and preparing themselves with professional knowledge, nurses need to practice soft skills in communication, behavior, and sharing with patients.

The contest is also an opportunity for the Nursing Department and the Board of Directors of Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital to check and comprehensively evaluate the qualifications, professional capacity, communication skills and behavior of the staff. current nurses, from which to propose appropriate training and training directions.


Implementation: Department of Social Work – Communication – Marketing, Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company