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Hemorrhoids surgery by longo methods



The article has the professional advice of Mr.Doan Tuan Son – second degree specialist, Deputy Director of Thai Nguyen International Hospital.

Hemorrhoids is a benign disease that causes many inconveniences in daily life for patients. People with this disease are often afraid to go to the doctor because it is located at sensitive location. Therefore, most people with hemorrhoids often seek treatment when it is too late. At this time, surgery is the only way, the Longo method is the most effective method to help thoroughly treat hemorrhoids.

How is Longo hemorrhoidectomy performed?

The doctor will use a special suture tool, designed specifically to cut – suture a segment of mucosa with blood vessels above the hemorrhoids, pull the hemorrhoids up, and cut off the blood supply to the hemorrhoids. Thanks to that, the hemorrhoids will gradually shrink and the patient will get rid of hemorrhoids completely.

With this method, surgical manipulations are performed in areas where no pain is felt. Therefore, the patient will not feel pain and only have to stay in the hospital for a short time. In some cases, it is even possible to go home in the day. Returning to normal activities in 1 to 5 days. Not only that, hemorrhoidectomy by Longo method also has a very low recurrence rate.

In what cases is the Longo method applied?

Hemorrhoidectomy by Longo method is indicated for grade 2 to 4 internal hemorrhoids, especially ring hemorrhoids.

Applicable to all subjects, including people with high blood pressure, diabetes or infections, …


Hemorrhoidectomy by Longo method includes 7 main steps:

When the patient is anesthetized by spinal anesthesia, the doctor will proceed to push the prolapsed hemorrhoid back into the anal canal.

Place an anal dilatation valve and check the status of hemorrhoids, rectal mucosa and associated diseases.

Sew the mucosal ring about 2-3 cm above the commissure line to the closure button.

Install the suture machine on the suture ring, tie the tip of the bag and check the back wall of the vagina (if you are a female, close the device slowly, check with your hand to prevent vaginal leakage), remove the safety pin and press cut.

Leave the machine in press mode for 1/2 to 1 minute and then remove the machine and check the cutting ring.

Stitch hemostasis of the bleeding sites of the machine-joint line with self-dissolving sutures.

Treatment of combined lesions, if any, such as removing excess skin, anal margin papillae, etc.

Advantages of cutting hemorrhoids by Longo method at Thai Nguyen International Hospital:

– Safe and effective surgery thanks to the use of synchronous machinery system, modern and sterile operating room, with the direct participation of experienced doctors.

– Short surgery time, early discharge from the hospital: Only 15-30 minutes. The hospital stay is only 1-2 days. In some cases, patients can be discharged from the hospital a few hours after surgery.

– Less pain after surgery.

– Ensure the aesthetic: There are no open wounds, so post-operative care becomes more simple. At the same time, patients can return to activities and work very soon. No scarring, no complications of anal stenosis because of scarring, fibrosis.

– Be proactive in choosing a doctor, choosing a surgery time: Create favourable conditions for the patient to bring the best treatment results. The hospital regularly cooperates with many good doctors at central hospitals. Therefore, customers can choose the desired surgeon at a reasonable cost.

– Reasonable cost, applying public health insurance, insurance guarantee to help customers save maximum.

– Careful after-care service: Patients can stay in a comfortable inpatient room, with supporting nurses 24/24…

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