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ENT Department



Ear, Nose, Throat – Specializes in treatment”

I. General introduction

Examination, consultation, treatment and surgery of diseases of the ear, nose, throat and head, face and neck. Early detection and screening of ENT and head and neck cancers.

II. Mandates

Outstanding Professional Activities

Current hospital bed payroll: 30 beds, actually deployed 45 beds.

– Handling of ENT emergencies such as: bleeding in the veins, accidents of foreign bodies in the ears, nose, throat, head and neck, trauma to the venous area.

Examination techniques and procedures

– Endoscopy examination of ENT, hard tube, soft tube.

– Auditory function test: audiometry, tympanometry, screening for congenital hearing impairment.

– Do specialized procedures: nasopharyngeal nebulizer, eardrum incision, abscess incision, biopsy of otolaryngology and head and neck tumors, proetz nasal aspiration, endoscopic nasal aspiration, ear medicine, pump laryngeal medicine…

Surgery implemented in the department

Surgery of head, face and neck diseases from basic to advanced, with the participation and expert advice of Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Tan Phong – Former Head of Ear Department, Central Hospital of Otolaryngology. The main surgeries performed in the department include:

For Ears:

– mastoidectomy – middle ear orthopedic surgery

– Surgery to open the epiglottis – atrial patch

– Endoscopic tympanic surgery

– Orthopedic surgery to completely remove mastoid bone

– Orthopedic middle ear surgery with bone chain reconstruction

– Laparoscopic surgery to insert the tympanic membrane tube

– Foot bone replacement surgery

For the nose and sinuses:

– Laparoscopic surgery for ligation/cauterization of the palatine artery

– Laparoscopic surgery to open the ethmoid, jaw, forehead, and butterfly sinuses

– Open endoscopic drainage/removal of sinus mucositis

– Surgery for birth teeth cysts/nasal floor cysts

– Orthopedic surgery, cut the lower nose

– Rhinoplasty surgery

For pharynx – larynx:

– Laparoscopic curettage of VA with Microdebrider (Hummer) (anesthesia)

– Removal of tonsils and curettage of VA with Plasma

– Orthopharyngeal oropharynx surgery (UPPP)

– Laparoscopic microsurgery of the larynx to remove cysts / polyps / fibroids / granulomas of the vocal cords with a rigid and flexible bronchoscope

– Laparoscopic surgery to remove benign tumors of the larynx

– Surgical treatment of bilateral laryngeal opening muscle paralysis

The disease aspects of conservative treatment .

– Acute and subacute inflammatory diseases: ear infections, rhinosinusitis, pharyngitis…

– Chronic infections without or without surgical indications: ear infections, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis…

– Some functional disorders: Sudden deafness, regression paralysis due to different causes…

Equipment :

– Otorhinolaryngology specialist examination table with 100% use of endoscopes

– Ear microsurgery drill, suction cutter (Hummer)

– Hearing meter, tympanometer and soundproof chamber…

For more information, please contact:
Department of Otolaryngology – Thai Nguyen International Hospital
No. 328, Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Thai Nguyen
0888 143 115