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INTER-Specialized Faculty:


I. General introduction:

      The Inter-specialty Department, including: Dental, Otolaryngology, and Eye, has been in operation since the Hospital was established in December 2019.

    *Specialist in Odonto-Stomatology: Perform examination, consultation, treatment and surgery for diseases of the ear, nose, throat and head, face and neck. Early detection and screening of ENT and head and neck cancers. Diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis for Odonto-Stomatology patients of all subjects: online health insurance, hospital fees, Life Insurance Guarantee…

  • Prevention
  • International cooperation, cooperation with major Odonto-Stomatology hospitals in Hanoi such as the Central Institute of Rheumatology…

      * Otorhinolaryngology: Perform examination, consultation, treatment and surgery for diseases of the ear, nose and throat and head, face and neck. Early detection and screening of ENT and head and neck cancers.

       * Ophthalmology: Perform examination, consultation, treatment and surgery of eye diseases. With a team of experienced and well-trained doctors at leading units in ophthalmology such as: Hanoi Medical University, Central Eye Hospital and Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital, Sai Eye Institute Gon…And are responsible people who always work for the benefit, safety and health of their patients.

II. Organizational structure:

Human resources: The total number of human resources currently has 20 staff, including 09 doctors and 11 nurses. The faculty’s professional staff are trained at prestigious universities and leading hospitals, taught by domestic and foreign professors and doctors.

 Faculty leader:

           Dean of Faculty: BSCKI. Dam Phuong Thao

            Chief Nurse: DD. Tong Thi Lien


* Strengths and professional activities:

– Examination and treatment of common oral and maxillofacial diseases: Cosmetic dental filling with Composite, cosmetic suturing of maxillofacial wounds, Extraction of tartar by ultrasound machine…

– High quality root canal (endodontic) treatment: Using apex positioning, root canal dilatation by modern endodontic machines..etc..

– Fixed and removable restorations: High-grade aesthetic porcelain teeth….

– Fixed teeth straightening, Invisalign

– Implant surgery

– Surgery to remove the 8th tooth that has grown underground, gently and quickly….

– Maxillofacial trauma surgery:     

   + Mandibular fractures of all kinds such as: chin fracture, jaw angle fracture, convex neck fracture…

  + Fracture of the upper jaw.

  + Broken bow – cheekbones.

  + Types of fractures lefort 1,2,3

– Surgery for tumors in the face area: Sebaceous tumor, Lipoma, Salivary gland tumor, Salivary gland stone removal, Parotid gland tumor, Jaw bone cyst, Jaw bone tumor…

– Hand-held digital digital near-apical X-ray, CT scan of maxillofacial with 3D rendering…

– System of autoclaves, UV cabinets to sterilize modern instruments, ensuring tools are always sterile…


* Strengths and professional activities:

   – Equipped with a system of comfortable and luxurious facilities, modern equipment for medical examination and treatment. The system of care and treatment rooms is closed, clean and convenient.

   – Always update and successfully apply modern and superior diagnostic and treatment methods. Patients who come for examination and surgery at Otorhinolaryngology will be able to use the most modern medical equipment system such as:

   + The new generation plasma knife in amydal cutting surgery has the function of sealing blood vessels without bleeding

   + Hummer SOMED suction cutting machine used in VA curettage, nasopharyngeal surgery, convenient, fast, less bleeding

   + Modern endoscopic sinus surgery equipment system of Karl Storz (Germany) – the world’s leading manufacturer of endoscopic equipment.

   + Otolaryngoscope AUMAN, CCU 900 connected to screen, ear examination glasses, atrial patch endoscope, VA scraper, …

* Medical examination: Patients are examined on a modern endoscope system OUMAN

   + Examining and detecting common diseases of ENT such as: acute Amydalitis, laryngitis, otitis externa, middle ear, rhinosinusitis,….

   + Examination and detection of ENT diseases in children such as: acute otitis media, VA, pharyngitis, etc.

   + Early detection of diseases: cancer of the dome, cancer of the nose and sinuses, cancer of the larynx, sudden deafness, atelectasis, etc.

* Treatment and surgery:

   – Treatment of most common ENT diseases: tonsillitis, VA, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngeal fungus, otitis media, … Pediatric ENT disease.

   – Emergency treatment: Stitching torn ears, trauma cases of ear, nose, throat and face neck area, cases of nose bleeding, threatening cases of airway obstruction, acute complications of pathology ENT region.

   – Perform conventional and advanced procedures on endoscopic equipment such as: Biopsy of the arch; Removal of polyps in the ear canal; Extraction of the eardrum; Piercing the ear lobe; Aspiration of the ear canal; Cut off excess meat from the ears on both sides; Place the ear canal ventilation; Pimples of the ear canal; Take ear canal cuticle plug; Dilatation of the tympanic membrane; Endoscopic removal of polyps in the ear canal, middle ear; Endoscopic extraction of the eardrum; Catheterization, endoscopic tubal dilatation…

  – Perform conventional and advanced surgeries such as: Amydal removal surgery, VA curettage; Functional surgery of the nose and sinuses: endoscopic septum orthopedic surgery, endoscopic surgery to open the ethmoid sinuses, jaws, etc. Endoscopic atrial patch surgery; Laparoscopic surgery for tympanic membrane catheterization.


* Strengths and professional activities:

 – Ophthalmology has implemented the following techniques: Phaco surgery (Old people’s vitreous replacement), surgery to connect tear ducts broken due to trauma, lacrimal-nasal bridge, trabeculectomy – keratotomy. Glocom, treatment of eye injuries, autologous conjunctival mortise surgery, eyelid ptosis surgery, entropion surgery, intraocular surgery to place intraocular silicone balls… Treatment of many medical diseases of the eye: Keratitis , corneal ulcer, retinal vein occlusion, optic neuritis….

  – Especially the plastic surgery of the eye area: Plastic surgery of the eyelid area, creating eyelid folds, cosmetic eyelid surgery, removing excess fat in the eyelid area, widening the eye slit, correcting bad scars in the eye area….

  – Constantly send faculty members to study long-term and short-term training courses at major hospitals, participate in conferences and seminars to regularly update their professional knowledge. Medical ethics aims to apply new techniques in treatment and improve their sense of responsibility in taking care of patients’ health, bringing satisfaction to patients day by day.

  – Received many letters of commendation and encouragement from patients for the staff and staff of the department.

 – Continue to promote the application of new and modern techniques such as: OCT retinal tomography, ultrasound, Laser treatment of closed-angle glaucoma, Laser treatment of posterior capsular opacities … And regularly cooperate with the doctors of the company. Central eye hospital in medical examination and treatment for patients when they come to the hospital. In order to meet the needs of eye treatment of people in the area, saving economic part for people when they have to transfer to a long distance. treatment.

The ophthalmology team, Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital always strives to perfect its expertise and medical ethics to deserve to be a reliable consultation and treatment address for people in the region with the slogan ” THE PATIENT’S BRIGHT EYES IS OUR POLICY HAPPINESS”.