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 *The process of formation and development:


Establishment of “Thai Nguyen International Hospital JSC” with the initial charter capital of 27.748.000.000 VND, the scale of 300 sickbeds.


The Ministry of Health issued the operation license number 134/BYT on January 27, 2014. In February 2014, the hospital started to come into operation.


The company increased its initial charter capital to 69.464.000.000 VND


The company increased its capital from 69.464.000.000 VND to VND and from VND to VND.

Invested in constructing the project of Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital in Yen Binh Industrial Zone, Pho Yen town.


The company increased its capital from VND to 350.000.000.000 VND by paying dividends in shares.


The company increased its capital from 350.000.000.000 VND to 415.000.000.000 VND by paying dividends in shares.

Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital officially came into operation on December 13, 2019.


Thai Nguyen International Hospital phase II officially came into operation.

The share was listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.


January 2021: the share was listed and traded on the 1st day at Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.

August 2021: Increased the scale of the number of sickbeds from 200 beds to 400 beds; approved 267 more technical lists.

Deployed SARS-CoV2 testing service by Realtime PCR technique and 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine came into operation.


The company increased its capital from 415.000.000.000 VND to 518.749.980.000 VND by paying dividends in shares.


February 2023: The groundbreaking of construction of TNH Viet Yen in Viet Yen town, Bac Giang province with a total investment of 618 billion VND, the number of sickbeds is 300.



Overview of Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company

Thai Nguyen Internation Hospital (TNH) is the largest non-public hospital system in the mountainous provinces of the Northeast region. Including 2 hospitals which are working effectively: Thai Nguyen International Hospital (328, Lương Ngọc Quyến Street, Đồng Quang ward, Thái Nguyên City) and Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital (Trần Nguyên Hãn street, Nam Tiến ward, Phổ Yên city, Thái Nguyên province). Both hospitals have convenient locations, adjacent to many localities with densely populated areas and large industrial zones. Therefore, it is very convenient for people to come for examination and treatment.

Two hospitals with a system of modern and synchronous medical equipment with a full range of specialties serving high-quality examination and treatment. Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company is proud to be a brand with a strong position and reputation in the healthcare industry, recognized by the Thai Nguyen province Health Department as one of the best hospitals in the area.

Gastroscopy machine: Olympus CV170

The Laboratory Department with biosafety standard level II

Doctors are performing surgery


Improving the quality of facilities, enlarging the scale, updating the scientific advances in treatment, best meeting the needs of people, these are missions that the Board of Directors of Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company has been and are continuing to promote.


The babies were born healthily and safely at Thai Nguyen International Hospital.

In addition to investing in facilities, medical equipment, our company also focus on training a team of qualified medical staffs who are also rich in medical ethics. With the motto “Patients are the center”, the dedication to giving advices, caring and treating patients, Thai Nguyen International Hospital and Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital became a trustful destination that could meet the needs of healthcaring for people of Thai Nguyen province in particular and the Northeastern provinces in general.

Those impressive numbers is the combination of many different factors. Especially are:

– Thai Nguyen International Hospital JSC is an united collective.

– Favourable condition from local leaders and the trust, the good feeling from people.

– Doctors, scientists, colleagues of other hospitals and medical human resource training institutions always willing to share and support professional development. 

Technician is using the CT Scanner 64 row machine


After 9 years of operation, from the first registered charter capital was nearly 27.7 billion VND, up to now, after 7 adjustments, the total charter capital of TNH increased to over 518 billion VND,  the market capitalization until 02/2023 is over 2000 billion VND.

Charter capital chart of TNH


– In 2022, TNH’s business activities grew well compared to the same period in 2021, revenue was recorded with a growth of 112% compared to 2021.

– Thanks to reasonable business operation strategies, TNH has increased the number of people coming for medical examination and treatment each year: Over 195,000 turns of patients in 2020; In 2021 over 375, 600 turns of patients; In 2022, over 490,000 turns of patients.

The number of patients chart


Grasping the development trend of private healthcare, along with the strategic vision of the Board of Directors, on January 6, 2021, TNH stock of our company was officially registered as the first hospital stock listed on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE). This is an extremely important milestone, marking the beginning of a new journey for the Company, helping TNH attract capital, expand business activities, and access new development opportunities.

From August, 2021, with the maximum foreign ownership ratio of 49%, TNH officially sell the shares to foreign investors, coming to new development, opening up opportunities for cooperation with organizations, individuals and international investment funds. The abundant capital from investors became an important lever for TNH’s Board of Directors to launch many new development projects.

In 2022 and 2023, TNH invests in 3 hospitals: TNH Viet Yen Hospital in Bac Giang(total investment capital of 618 billion VND); TNH Thai Nguyen Obstetrics and Gynecolgy Hospital (total investment capital of 330 billion VND); TNH Thai Nguyen Eye Hospital (total investment capital of 165 billion VND). Along with that, our company also planned to invest in TNH Lạng Sơn Hospital with the scale of 300 sickbeds. All hospitals of TNH are conveniently located, in densely populated areas, large industrial zones with a workforce of up to hundreds of thousands of people.

On Febuary 09, 2023, the groundbreaking of TNH Viet Yen Hospital in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province is the next step in the implementation of TNH’s new project in the provinces outside of Northeastern regions. The project was built on an area of more than 5000m2, the total floor area is nearly 30.000m2, the scale of 15 floors and 300 sickbeds, the total investment is nearly 618 billion VND. The hospital is designed with the model of a general hospital, equipped with modern machinery, is deployed many new techniques in disease diagnosis and treatment to meet the diverse and high-quality medical examination and treatment needs of the people in Bac Giang province. It is expected that Viet Yen TNH Hospital will come into operation in the second quarter of 2024.