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“Give peace of mind to parents – bring smiles to babies”

I. General introduction

      In order to meet the needs of high quality medical examination and treatment of pediatric patients and their families, Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital has built a  pediatric specialty  with the mission of “Give peace of mind to parents, bring smiles to children”. Love”. Pediatrics Yen Binh General Hospital in Thai Nguyen gathers a team of experienced doctors and medical staff who are enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, qualified and skilled in pediatrics; The system of machinery is imported synchronously with a safe and friendly medical examination and treatment environment. As a result, parents are completely assured when bringing their children to visit and treat; At the same time, the children are also more comfortable and forget their “fear” when going to the hospital.

II. Organizational structure

Dean: BSCKI Hoang Van Tuyen

The Department of Pediatrics has 17 staff members:

 + 01 Pediatric CKI Doctor

 + 01 Master in Pediatrics

 + 03 Pediatricians

 + 12 nurses with extensive experience in pediatric care.

III. Functions and duties of the faculty

– Examination and treatment for all internal diseases from birth to 15 years old;

– The hospital equips the Pediatrics Department with clean, comfortable rooms and modern and modern equipment to serve all patient requirements as well as 24/7 emergency readiness:

* Central oxygen and compressed air system.

*Electric injection pump, electric transmission Terumo (made in Japan)

*Drager invasive ventilator (made in Germany)

* Non-invasive ventilator CPAP Dolphin (made in Italy)

*High frequency nebulizer machine

*Moniter to monitor pediatric disease

* Neonatal and Pediatric emergency bed system (made in USA)

*Mamii neonatal incubator system (made in Korea)

*Heated bed system with integrated yellow light.



*Invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation in cases of respiratory failure.

*Monitor monitors patients with severe respiratory failure…

*Emergency treatment of convulsions due to high fever and other causes.

* Examination and treatment of all respiratory diseases such as bronchopneumonia, lobar pneumonia, bronchiolitis, bronchial asthma…

* Treatment of all pediatric patients with gastrointestinal diseases such as enteritis, acute dehydration diarrhea, dysentery syndrome …

* Treatment of infectious diseases: hand-foot-and-mouth disease, measles, dengue fever, mumps…

* Urinary, neurological, cardiovascular and difficult diseases…

* Counseling and health care for mothers and children raising children with general medical knowledge, care regimen, vaccination, and yang for diseases. Malnutrition prevention program, breastfeeding promotion program.

         Along with the development of Pediatrics Hospital, we are constantly learning to improve knowledge, coordinating active treatment – comprehensive care, wishing to bring the best for children.