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1. General introduction

Faculty of Pharmacy, Yen Binh General Hospital, Thai Nguyen is located on the 1st floor of a 4-storey building (building B).

          Established since January 2020

2. Organizational structure

Dean: DSCKI Duong Thi Mai Dung

The Faculty of Pharmacy has 07 staff members:

01 Pharmacist CKI

03 University Pharmacists

03 College Pharmacists

3. Functions and tasks of the faculty

  • Function

Faculty of Pharmacy is a specialized department under the direct leadership of the Director of the Hospital. The Faculty has the function of managing and advising the Director of the hospital on all pharmacy work in the hospital in order to ensure an adequate and timely supply of quality drugs, and to advise and supervise the safe use of drugs. complete and reasonable.

  • Mission

– To plan and supply drugs in sufficient quantity and quality for treatment, diagnosis and other treatment requirements.
– Manage and monitor the import of drugs, dispensing drugs for treatment needs and other unexpected needs when required.
– The focal point for organizing and implementing activities of the Drug and Treatment Council.
– Preserve medicines according to the principle of “Good storage practice”.
– Organizing the preparation of drugs and disinfectants.
– Perform clinical pharmacology, information and advice on drug use, participate in pharmacovigilance, monitor and report information related to unwanted drug effects.
– Manage and monitor the implementation of professional regulations on pharmacy in departments in the hospital.
– Scientific research and training; is the practice base of the College and High School of Pharmacy.
– Coordinate with clinical and paraclinical departments to monitor, examine, evaluate and supervise the safe and rational use of drugs, especially antibiotic use, and monitor antibiotic resistance in hospitals.
– Participate in directing the line.
– Attend consultations when required.
– Participate in monitoring and management of drug use costs.
– Manage the operation of the hospital pharmacy according to regulations.
– Perform the tasks of supply, monitoring, management, supervision, inspection, reporting