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Department of General Internal Medicine

“Dedicated treatment- Improve quality”,


I. General introduction:

Department of General Internal Medicine, Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital is responsible for inpatient treatment and health care for patients with internal diseases in Pho Yen City and neighboring localities.

Beside the experienced doctors is a staff of young, dynamic, enthusiastic, dedicated to the profession. With the motto “Dedicated treatment – Improving quality”, faculty staff actively participate in professional seminars, regularly organize activities in the department to update knowledge and draw experiences. in the treatment and care of patients. The diagnosis and treatment are more and more advanced, ensuring the right regimen.

II.Organizational structure:

+ Head of Department: Doctor CKI Tran Anh Tuan

+ Chief Nurse: Bachelor of Nursing Cuong Thi Thu.

– Total number of employees: 12, in which:

+ Doctor: 03

+ Nursing: 09

III. Mandates:

– Carry out medical examination, treatment and health care for people throughout the province and neighboring provinces.

– Participate in scientific research and new technical development.

– Participating in community activities organized by the agency.

– Examination and treatment of general internal diseases:

+ Respiratory diseases: Pneumonia, Bronchial asthma, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Bronchitis, …

+ Cardiovascular diseases: Heart failure, high blood pressure, …

Musculoskeletal diseases: Gout, knee osteoarthritis, spinal degeneration, polyarthritis, osteoporosis…

+ Endocrine diseases: Diabetes, Basedow,…

+ Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract

+ Digestive diseases: Gastrointestinal bleeding, gastritis, colitis…

IV. Strengths:

– Treatment and prevention of internal diseases

– Performing medical procedures, diagnosis and treatment

V. Development orientation:

Continue to perform well the functions and tasks that the Faculty has set out, paying special attention to professional work, constantly learning and improving professional and technical qualifications. Do well the emergency work and treat serious patients in all diseases with the function of the Department of General Internal Medicine. At the same time, promote the prevention and treatment of chronic endocrine and cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. Proficiently perform the techniques and procedures of the Internal Medicine specialty. Especially maintain and improve the performance of comprehensive patient care.