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Pharmacy and Medical equipment department


Pharmacy – Medical Equipment Department

“Timely – Quality – Safety – Efficiency”

Team of doctors, pharmacists, technicians of Pharmacy Department – Thai Nguyen International Hospital

I. General introduction

Along with the establishment of the Hospital, the task of Pharmacy Department is to provide drugs and medical equipment to serve patients. Currently, as a Pharmacy Department in a Grade III Hospital, the Faculty of Pharmacy is always a strong and united group, striving to the best of its ability, overcoming difficulties, proactively and creatively overcoming difficulties. exist to perform well the assigned tasks.

II. Outstanding Achievement

– Ensure timely supply of drugs, chemicals and consumables according to the Hospital’s needs; Actively contribute to the Hospital’s Medicine and Treatment Council; To advise the Administrative Council, the Board of Directors of the Hospital in the selection of contractors to supply drugs, chemicals and consumables in accordance with state regulations and the Hospital’s regulations; Implement well the work of drug information and clinical pharmacy in the Hospital: Carry out periodic medical records throughout the hospital, monitor the use of drugs, especially antibiotics, contribute to limiting antibiotic resistance in the hospital and in the province, record and report ADR drug information to help doctors and nurses use drugs effectively and safely; Strictly manage and supervise the use of drugs in clinical departments; Make an important contribution to the safe use of medicines, reasonable and effective in the Hospital. In addition, self-training for faculty members is conducted on a weekly and monthly basis.

– The team always executes all lines and policies of the Party and the policies and laws of the State in general as well as the hospital’s own regulations.

– Labor collective with excellent achievements in the period 2016-2020 awarded by the Trade Union of Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company.

For more information, please contact:
Faculty of Pharmacy – Medical Supplies – Thai Nguyen International Hospital
No. 328, Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Thai Nguyen
0888 143 115