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Functional Exploration Department



Endoscopy to diagnose disease – Clear medical orders – Rich in medical ethics


1.General Introduction.

The Department of Functional Exploration  of Thai Nguyen International Hospital is led by Specialist Level 2 doctor Pham Trung Kien and is established from 2014 to now. Along with the constant development of the Health Sciences and hospital, the department of functional exploration is growing stronger in both quality and quantity. Facilities are expanded, modern equipment are invested. A passionate and highly responsible team of doctors.

The Department of Functional Exploration is under the leadership of Hospital Director, performs these tasks: Diagnosing endoscopy and treatment for clinical departments and clinics: flexible colonoscopy, oral and nasal esophagogastroduodenal endoscopy, flexible rectal endoscopy, endoscopy to diagnose and treat early digestive cancer – performing the endoscopic submucosal disection (ESD), polypectomy, esophageal balloon dilation, esophageal varices, hemostasis injection, …

Electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram (EEG), respiratory function measurement,  osteoporosis, HP (Helicobacter Pylori) test through breath,…

Scientific research: conducting scientific projects, participating in conferences, scientific seminars at hospitals and specialized conferences.


Gastroscopy machine: Olympus CV170

2. Organization of the department’s personnel:

Total number of personnel: 18

Personnel structure: 05 Doctors (01 Specialist level 2, 04 Specialist level 1), 13 nurses – technicians.

Department’s organization structure:

+ The Chief: Mr. Pham Trung Kien – Specialist level 2.

+ Head Nurse: VI NGOC BAN

Operation and achievements:

Annually, the functional exploration department performs about 13,523 diagnostic endoscopy cases including about 1.220 intervention cases, 22.605 electrocardiogram cases, 1.328 EEG cases, 1.500 respiratory function cases, 603 osteoporosis cases, etc.

Achieved the achievements “Excellent tasks completion in the period of 2016-2020” awarded by Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company.

Especially in 2021, Mr.Pham Trung Kien – Specialist level 2 collaborated with the leading doctors of Hanoi Cancer Hospital to deploy the technique and successfully perform many early gastrointestinal cancer interventions – by Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) method,…

Along with the constant development of the Health Sciences and hospital, the functional exploration department is always striving to be a trustful place with patients and colleagues.

We are committed to bringing satisfaction to every patients!