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Maternity and delivery package


Pregnancy and childbirth is a magical journey, but it is also stressful, exhausting, and even dangerous. Understanding that feeling, the Maternity and Childbirth Service Package at Thai Nguyen International Hospital and Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital is the perfect choice, bringing great experiences to mother and baby.

Peace of mind mom, healthy baby

Maternity and childbirth service packages at 2 hospitals are built by experienced obstetricians and gynecologists, according to the criteria of safety for the mother, the best for the baby, and complete happiness for the whole family. With many maternity packages depending on each week of pregnancy, optimizing benefits so that mothers can freely choose, with many attractive gifts, apply the payment assurance at the same time to save maximum costs.

Experienced team of doctors

Pregnant women are monitored by doctors, examined, fetal ultrasound, tests to detect – promptly tackle health risks during pregnancy and be in labour with good obstetricians who have experience with the midwife/caesarean of many difficult pregnancies.

The team of skillful midwives, experienced anesthesiologists and resuscitators also help mothers feel more confident to pass the delivery, ensuring maximum safety for mother and baby.

Comprehensive care before and after birth

Maternity packages include a full number of antenatal care visits, ultrasounds, tests, etc., which are scheduled in detail and precisely according to each stage of the pregnancy.

Professional medical service, staffs are always ready to guide during pregnancy examination.

Comprehensive care for mother and baby 24/24: Mother is cleaned (perineal, incision in case of caesarean section), served at bed with nutritious and delicious meals; Rest comfortably because there is always an experienced midwife to help take care of the baby. The baby is applied modern postpartum methods such as slow cutting of the umbilical cord, skin-to-skin contact, health checks, vaccinations, massage baths, etc.

Supporting more convenient services: Choose the time of birth; choose a doctor; Postpartum analgesia, plasma projection of mother’s incision and baby’s umbilical cord, screening by heel blood collection; cord blood storage (Out-of-package cost); give a set of photos and videos “Save the moment of your baby’s birth”…



Classy space – Modern medical equipment

System of clinics, equipped with modern machinery, open space, clean and beautiful.

One-way sterile operating room fully equipped with modern equipment to monitor mother’s health, warm cradle for newborn baby

The modern delivery room brings the most comfortable feeling to the mother during the labour.

The system of boarding rooms according to hotel standards with a warm space, full of amenities that could bring a sense of peace of mind and comfort to the mother during her postnatal hospital stay.



Simultaneous payment of Health insurance and Guarantee insurance

Flexible payment policy, applying deduction at the same time with the Health insurance, guarantee insurance, which could help to save maximum costs. As a result, many pregnant women could experience a gentle delivery, using high-class medical services at a reasonable cost.


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