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General Surgery Department



1. General introduction :

The Department of General Surgery is one of the key specialties of the Hospital, providing professional and comprehensive services in the field of Surgery.
With a team of doctors, surgeons, nurses with professional experience, well-trained from major centers in the country, always dedicated to fully meet the needs of medical examination, treatment and surgery for patients.
The medical team of the Department of General Surgery is constantly learning, researching and applying the most advanced treatment methods through intensive and advanced training programs to provide the most effective treatment services for patients.

In addition, General Surgery Department has been cooperating with professors and doctors of large and prestigious hospitals across the country (Viet Duc Hospital, Central K Hospital, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, 108 Military Medical Hospital, …) to meet the needs of treatment and surgery for patients at Thai Nguyen International Hospital without having to transfer to central hospitals (Hanoi, …)

2. Organizational structure

Total number of staff: 34

Doctor: 11

Nurse: 23

3. Professional work

With the efforts of the faculty and of each individual, the Surgery Department has accomplished many specific technical lists as follows:

– Digestive: Open and laparoscopic appendictis, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic gastric perforation suture, laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery, laparoscopic rectal resection, laparoscopic gastrectomy …
– Urology: laparoscopic hip surgery to remove ureteral stones, cystectomy alone endoscopically, cystoscopy, take and place a sonde JJ, retrograde endoscopic lithotripsy, percutaneous kidney stone lithotripsy , renal lithotripsy by flexible tube, laparoscopic Resection of benign prostatic hypertrophy by bipolar knife, laser resection of prostatic hypertrophy.

– Endocrine: Thyroidectomy surgery, Total thyroidectomy surgery with cervical lymph node dissection, Burning benign thyroid nodules using high-frequency waves…

– Injury: Plating for bones fracture, such as: collarbone, forearm bone, arm, femur, leg bone,…

+ Hip replacement surgery

+ Laparoscopic ligament reconstruction surgery.
+ Surgery for soft tissue tumors.
+ Treatment of burns.
+ Treat flesh-wounds from simple to complex.

Over the years, the Surgery Department has always completed and exceeded the planned targets set by the unit, professional work and regulations are maintained, limiting the occurrence of unfortunate complications during the treatment process. Medical ethics have been improved, the code of conduct has been put on top, there have been many letters of compliments from patients and patients’ family members. It is because of the above efforts and achievements that for many consecutive years, the Surgery Department has always won the title of faculty for successfully completing professional tasks, which was commended by company’s leaders and proposed to the leaders of the Department of Health to give certificates of merit.