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Traditional medicine – Rehabilitation Department


Faculty of Traditional Medicine – Rehabilitation

“Good recovery – Good reflexology – Enthusiastic about treatment”

I. General introduction

According to the flow of time, modern medicine is constantly developing, along with that, the quintessence of traditional oriental medicine from more than 4000 years is still handed down and applied to this day. The combination of modern medicine and traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases has brought high efficiency and reduced unwanted effects, which is increasingly popular.

Based on that basis, the Department of Traditional Medicine and Rehabilitation of Thai Nguyen International Hospital was established with the goal of combining traditional medicine and modern medicine, including drug methods and other medical procedures. non-drug methods, with the application of physical therapy, movement therapy, therapeutic activities … in disease treatment to bring maximum benefits to the patient.

Medical team of Traditional Medicine – Rehabilitation Department – Thai Nguyen International Hospital

II. Mission function

– Acupuncture

– Water acupuncture

– Soak in traditional medicine

– Sauna with traditional medicine

– Traditional medicine decoction and packing by automatic machine

– Acupressure massage

– Paraffin treatment

– Infrared treatment

– Treatment with area massage technique

– Electrotherapy with drug-conducting electrolysis

– Treatment with pulsed currents

– Shortwave treatment

– Ultrasound treatment

– Low frequency laser treatment

– Treatment with endovascular Larse

– Whole body electromagnetic treatment

– Therapeutic movement

– Intra-articular injection technique

III. Notable achievements of the department:

Since its establishment, the Department of Traditional Medicine – Rehabilitation has had many outstanding achievements such as: Good treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal diseases in general, paralysis sequelae due to nerve damage. central and periphery. In addition, the department also combines treatment with interdisciplinary departments such as:

– Department of Internal Medicine: Diseases of nerves, bones and joints, complications caused by injection….

– Department of Surgery: Treatment of long-healing wounds, infected wounds, necrosis, recovery before and after fracture surgery….

– Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: rehabilitation for pregnant women before and after childbirth, blocked milk ducts, appendicitis ….

– Department of Pediatrics: Rehabilitation for children with autism, cerebral palsy, clubfoot, crooked neck….

– In the year 2019 – 2020, the department has won the certificate of merit for successfully completing the tasks of Thai Nguyen International Hospital.

For more information, please contact:
Faculty of Traditional Medicine – Rehabilitation – Thai Nguyen International Hospital
No. 328, Luong Ngoc Quyen Street, Thai Nguyen
0888 143 115