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“Dedication, dedication, affection, responsibility”

I. General introduction

      The Medical Examination Department of Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital provides high quality medical examination and treatment services, comprehensive care, closed model, including health checkup packages – basic to advanced cancer screening. , individual health checks, group health checks – corporate health checks, etc. with modern medical equipment and a team of experienced doctors.

     synchronously invested with a full range of specialized clinics such as: Ear-nose-throat, Eye, Maxillofacial, Musculoskeletal, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dermatology, General Internal – Surgery…

     The medical examination procedures at the Department are made simple, scientific, and the procedures are quick, ensuring timely medical examination, diagnosis and treatment for patients.

     Continuous operation from Monday to Sunday every week, holidays and New Year to ensure health care for people.

II. Organizational structure

Dean of BSCKII Trinh Xuan Giam

Associate Professor, Doctor of Cardiology Tran Thi Bich Dao

Chief Nursing Officer: Bachelor of Nursing Nguyen Thi Hoa

The Department of Medical Examination has 16 staff members:

+ 02 Doctor CKII

+ 01 Doctor CKI

+ 01 MSc.Bs

+ 03 Bachelor of Nursing

+ 07 nursing colleges

+ 02 customer care staff

III. Mandates

+  The Department of Medical Examination provides services for all subjects who come for health examination, examination to obtain health certificates, general medical examination and specialized specialties depending on the requirements of patients and customers.      
+ During the implementation of medical examination packages, our doctors will advise on additional tests, functional exploration, and imaging that need to be done to assess the health status of the patient/client in a timely manner. the best.
+ Patients/clients will be consulted by the Doctor about test results and related health problems. In case of necessity, the patient/client can be transferred to consult with a specialist specialist in each field.
+ Group health check for agencies and organizations
+ Health check – Individual cancer screening packages from basic to advanced and VIP.

– The medical examination department is spacious, clean and beautiful, arranged one-way from reception – examination – subclinical.

– The medical examination department is always ready to meet the needs of the patient. Standing 24/24h emergency on all days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday as well as public holidays and New Year’s Day.

 – Receive and handle emergency, interdisciplinary consultation throughout the hospital with severe cases.

* Along with the continuous development of the Hospital, the Department of Examination is always trying, striving to be the address trusted by patients and colleagues, bringing the most satisfaction to each patient!