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Designed in the model of a hospital – hotel, Thai Nguyen International Hospital Hospital Joint Stock Company is one of the first private hospital systems in the North to own quality medical services and facilities. Rich benefits help patients and customers have the best experience during examination and treatment.


At the hospitals of the system of Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company, the Service Area is built on the premises to serve the needs of patients, their families and customers.

The Hospital Service Area is located in a separate, spacious and airy area. The Service Area operates with the motto of deliciousness, cleanliness, hygiene, combining menus with nutritionists, ensuring a diet for patients.




In parallel with providing medical services for patients, Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company invested in building a play area for children.

At Thai Nguyen International Hospital, pediatric patients always have their own entertainment space, an amusement park with a ball house, wooden horse games, seesaws, slides… Perhaps it is because of this point that at National Hospital At Thai Nguyen Hospital, even though it receives hundreds of children every day, the atmosphere is still cheerful and gentle.

The play area also helps parents and doctors in balancing the children’s psychology during treatment at the Hospital, helping to improve the children’s ability to recover.