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DEPARTMENT OF bacteriological control

 I.General Introduction

  Infection Control Department of Yen Binh Thai Nguyen General Hospital is located on the first floor of a 4-storey building (building B).

       Established since January 2020

II. Organizational structure

       Head of Department: CN midwife Nguyen Thi Hien

       Faculty consists of 7 staff

       01 employee of midwife

       06 employees

 III. Functions and duties of the faculty

  1. Function

The Department of Infection Control is a specialized department under the direct leadership of the Director of the hospital. The Faculty has the function of managing and advising the Hospital Director on all the work of infection control in the hospital in order to ensure safe sterilization in the field of internal control throughout the hospital, performing well the functional role of the hospital.

  1. Mission

Make a work plan, separate each department.

 The laundry department must separate clean linen and dirty laundry with blood that has been exposed to be handled in such a way that it is clean, safe and does not allow cross-contamination.

The autoclave unit must be autoclaved to ensure proper sterilization of surgical and surgical instruments to ensure surgery.

+ Manage and track linen directly to meet the needs of the department.

+ Manage the quantity of dry cleaning, the quantity of soap and chemicals so that it is reasonable and not wasted.

+ Checking the work of general infection control in the hospital

+ Spraying and disinfecting the rooms periodically or when necessary.

+ Disseminate all staff on hand hygiene

+ Being the focal point for implementing and advising the Director, the Auditing Council

infection control about infection control.

+ Develop plans, strategies and content of infection control activities

including the budget submitted to the Director of the hospital for approval.

+ Develop job positions, job descriptions of staff of the infection control department


+ Develop, update and organize the implementation of legal documents

laws, policies, guidelines, regulations, and infection control procedures, including

regulations on quality control and submission to the Infection Control Council

before the Director approves and organizes implementation.

+ Perform data collection, synthesis, analysis, data management activities

monitoring, including:

– Monitoring hospital infections;

– Supervising and detecting epidemics in medical examination and treatment establishments.

– Monitoring compliance with technical procedures related to infection control.

– Monitoring the environment in medical examination and treatment establishments.

– Coordinate surveillance of bacteria resistant to antibiotics.

– Coordinating supervision and counseling on rational use of antibiotics.

– Organize, monitor, supervise, evaluate, report and coordinate the implementation

Implement infection control activities and quality control improvement projects


– Manage and organize the implementation of disinfection, sterilization, laundry, hygiene activities

environment or conduct monitoring of these activities if the medical examination and treatment establishment

diseases using services provided by external units.

– Proposal, procurement, norms, technical standards, equipment and materials management

Consumables, chemicals related to infection control activities as prescribed.

– Monitor, evaluate, and report prevention effectiveness, exposures, risks and at

occupational accidents related to microbiological agents of healthcare workers and other subjects

other in medical examination and treatment establishments.

– Guide and direct members of the infection control network to detect and resolve infection

solve problems related to infection control in departments and wards.