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Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department



“Safe Anesthesia – Stable Resuscitation – Effective Pain Relief”

  1. Development History

The development of the anesthesiology is closely related to the development of Surgery Departments. The anesthesia and resuscitation department was established from the foundation of Hospital. This department has gathered a team of experienced staffs who are well-trained, enthusiastic with works and have a high sense of responsibility. Along with that, modern equipment are also installed to meet the work of anesthesia-resuscitation of specialized surgeries.

  1. Function and task.

The Anesthesia and Resuscitation Department is a clinical department with the function of performing the anesthesia and resuscitation work of before, during and after surgery; procedure; vascular interventions, gastrointestinal endoscopy; sedative anesthesia to perform procedures in the operating rooms, the X-ray department of the Hospital.

III. Organization.

  1. Human resources: The total number of members of the faculty is 17 people.
  2. Doctor: – 2nd Degree Specialist: 01

Master, 1st Degree Specialist: 03

Doctor: 02

  1. Nurses: – Nursing Bachelor: 04

– Nursing College: 07

  1. Facility – Equipment
  2. Facility:

– Pre-anesthesia clinic: 01 fully – equipped room.

– Operating room: 04 rooms with positive pressure ventilation system, medical gas pipeline system.

– Recovery room: 02 rooms with enough equipment for patient monitoring.

  1. Equipment:

– Modern anesthesia machine which has many functions according to safety standards.

– New and modern endoscopy machine for specialized surgeries.

– Multi-function patient monitor machine with specifications.

– Multi-function, stable operating lights and table system.

– Equipped with stable operation interface.

– CO2 gas, compressed air, central suction system.

  1. Professional work.

– Mastering techniques of anesthesia-resuscitation for large and complicated surgeries with background diseases, such as: laparoscopic colectomy, selective spinal anesthesia in elderly patients who have hip replacement, prostatic hyperplasia, knee arthroscopy, percutaneous lithotripsy. Anesthetize and resuscitate for patients with traumatic brain injury.

–  Anesthetizing and resuscitating for pediatric patients a few months old – weighing 7-8kg, surgery for children who have otitis mastoid with intracranial complications, middle ear orthopedic surgery with bone reconstruction, mastoidectomy, endoscopic eardrum patch surgery, facial nerve decompression,…

– Application of the branchial plexus anesthesia, peripheral neuropathy, under ultrasound instruction for upper and lower limbs.

– Application of pain relief after surgery by multimodal analgesia, regional anesthesia under ultrasound instruction.

Scientific research, potential development

– Professionally trained staff with high technical level.

– Build more modern operating room with full modern equipment and machinery.

– Improve the quality of anesthesia – resuscitation and pain relief after surgery.

– Updating new knowledge and techniques in line with the development of society.