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Tet is an opportunity for many people to relax, eat and drink freely along with an unreasonable living regime. This has a significant impact on our health. Therefore, a general health check after Tet is extremely important, helping you understand your health condition, to prevent and intervene promptly to help you have a happy and peaceful year.

After Tet is the time when our bodies are at risk of facing many health problems due to regularly drinking alcohol or eating foods rich in protein and oil, causing too much fat to accumulate. That has made diseases such as atherosclerosis, liver disease, blood fat, gout, etc. become more severe. One of the best ways is to understand your current health status is through a general health check-up.

General health check – evaluate your health status, then proactively adjust your diet, ensure your health, and prevent disease in the new year. In particular, in the elderly, whose body functions and resistance are weakened, or in young people who have an unscientific diet and lifestyle, it is also important to have regular health checks to detect early the disease that are “hiding” in the body, improving treatment effectiveness as well as minimizing treatment costs.

According to recommendations from the Ministry of Health, people should have regular health checks every 6 months to detect diseases early. Depending on family economics and work characteristics, each person will have different periodic health check-up times. However, a general health check after Tet brings the following benefits:

– Evaluate your health status after the Tet holiday.

– Early detection of pathology (if any)

– Timely and highly effective treatment.

– Save medical examination and treatment costs.

– Rest assured of your health to work and enjoy life for a happy year.

* General health check-up at hospitals under Thai Nguyen International Hospital Joint Stock Company (TNH), customers will be examined by:

– A team of dedicated and experienced experts and doctors.

– Modern and synchronous equipment system.

– Staff guides and advises thoughtfully and enthusiastically.

– Thoughtful and detailed post-examination consultation.

– The examination process is simple and flexible, helping customers save time.

If you need a medical examination, please contact:

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