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Patients should consider screening for stomach cancer when:

Belong to a group of people at high risk of stomach cancer, including:

– People aged 40 and over, especially men.

– Have unhealthy eating habits.

– Suffering from diseases related to the digestive tract.

– Having a family member who has had stomach cancer or has a genetic mutation related to the disease.

– Excessive exposure to environments containing radiation or toxic environments.

Immediately after the appearance of specific symptoms such as:

– Bloating, slow digestion.

– Epigastric pain

– Nausea, heartburn, acid reflux.

– Gastrointestinal bleeding.

– Exhaustion, fatigue, unusual weight loss

The basic frequency of cancer screening is 1 TIME/YEAR for normal people and the number of times increases for people at high risk (depending on the medical condition, the doctor will give specific examination advice).


Early cancer screening helps:

  • Early detection of pre-cancerous lesions, or the earliest stages of cancer when they have no symptoms. When the disease is detected at these stages, it can be treated thoroughly and effectively.
  • Save maximum time and costs.
  • In addition, the habit of regular annual cancer screening helps ensure health and quality of life at the best level.


Thai Nguyen International Hospital is invested in modern equipment and machinery according to international standards, along with a team of experienced and skilled experts, helping to screen for early detection of cancer and timely treatment.

  • Computerized tomography (CT) system gives sharp images
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provides outstanding diagnostic value
  • X-ray system
  • 5D Ultrasound system
  • The endoscopy system helps observe all gastrointestinal lesions that are very small in size and difficult to see normally.
  • Advanced testing system


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