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Radiofrequency ablation in treating benign thyroid tumors is a method of thermally destroying the tumor under the influence of high-frequency alternating current, drying the surrounding tissue, leading to dehydration in the cells and coagulative necrosis of the thyroid tumor gland, thereby reducing the size of the tumor over time.

* Advantages of radiofrequency ablation:

– Highly effective treatment, safe, less invasive.

– Helps preserve maximum thyroid function, less likely to cause complications of burning the wrong nerve causing hoarseness.

– Does not leave scars, highly aesthetic.

– Patients do not need anesthesia, treatment time is short.

– Hospital stay is short, patients can go home for self-monitoring.

– Patients do not need to continue taking medicine after treatment.

* Indications for intervention and treatment of thyroid tumors using radiofrequency ablation

– With tumors measuring 2 cm or more, causing loss of aesthetics.

– When the tumor has complications such as difficulty swallowing, pain, difficulty breathing.

– Treatment of thyroid tumors with radiofrequency ablation is applied not only in treating benign goiter but is also being researched to treat recurrent thyroid cancer in lymph nodes.

* Periodically after 1 – 3 – 6 months, the patient will be re-examined with a specialist for the most accurate and objective assessment results.

* Treating benign thyroid tumors with radiofrequency ablation at TNH, customers enjoy many incentives:

– Experienced, professional and dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

– Reasonable costs, applying health insurance cards, guarantee insurance helps customers save maximum.

– Attentive after-sales service.

– Professional customer care, consulting and support throughout the entire examination period.

– Payment procedures are simple, quick, public and transparent.

–  Easy to look up information.


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