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“Without health, everything we have is meaningless”

I. General introduction:

The medical examination department was established right after Thai Nguyen International Hospital started operating in 2014 until now. Along with the continuous development of the medical industry and hospitals, the Department of Medical Examination is growing in both quality and quantity. Facilities are expanded, investing in many modern equipment. A team of doctors who love their profession, have high responsibility, good professional qualifications, many years of experience in leading hospitals. With the scale and full range of specialties, the Department of Medical Examination always affirms its position as the gateway. , is the face of the Hospital.

Faculty’s personnel organization:

Dean: BSCKI- Hoang Van Chung

The medical examination department has 31 employees, including:

Doctor: 08

Qualification: 05 BScs Specializing in I, II; Prof. TS: 02; Master: 01

Nursing: 23

Qualification: Bachelor: 03; College: 20

II. Mandates:

Always proactive, respectful, friendly, ready to guide, explain, help wholeheartedly, thoughtfully, actively support patients and family members.

The medical examination department receives examination, classifies and distributes numbers according to each specialty (priority is given to patients over 80 years old, children under 6 years old and pregnant women).

The medical examination department has a full range of specialized clinics to meet the medical examination and treatment needs of the people, including:

+ Internal medicine

+ Surgery

+ Pediatrics

+ Obstetrics

+ Dermatology

+ Maxillofacial teeth

+ Ear, Nose Throat

+ Eyes

+ Traditional Medicine

– Specialized clinics by experienced doctors from clinical departments participate in examination, consultation and treatment.

– Implement outpatient treatment and guide primary health care.

– Periodic health checks for agencies and businesses, health checks for study and work…

– The medical examination department is spacious, clean and beautiful, arranged one-way from reception – examination – subclinical.

– The medical examination department is always ready to meet the needs of the patient. Standing 24/24 on all days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday as well as public holidays and New Year’s Day.

 -Receive and handle emergency, interdisciplinary consultation throughout the hospital for severe patients.


Along with the continuous development of the Hospital, the Department of Medical Examination is always making efforts, striving to be an address trusted by patients and colleagues.

 We are committed to always bring satisfaction to each patient!